There is a ton of money put into an outdoor spaces throughout the world each year. With such large investments, there are certain crucial things that really need to be done as maintenance, such as our lawns. The 6 most important lawn care activities you need to do in the spring will have a huge impact on how everything looks.

If you maintain your grass properly, you will keep growing stronger and more healthy each year. That will end up saving you a lot of money down the line. The fact is, there are many problems that can occur if you don’t maintain it accordingly.

For example, white grubs are huge problem throughout North America currently. One of the biggest problems is that they don’t have natural predators because they are the grubs of the Japanese beetle. It has found itself in North America causing havoc across the board.

So, if you have a healthy lawn, then nothing can affect it so negatively. Therefore, what you have to do is keep your grass trimmed at the proper length for each month. This will ensure that it gets the proper amount of sun so that it does not dry it out.

In the springtime, you need to rake your lawn thoroughly. This will remove any dead grass and allow the routes to breathe. To further ensure that this is done properly, you might want to consider aerating the entire lawn. This is done with special machines that look much like lawnmowers. It is not necessary to purchase such a machine, basically you can rent them from doing yourself centers or other hardware stores that offer this service.

Fertilizing the entire surface is also a necessity. However, there are different fertilizers for different times of the year. Make sure you choose the one that is the correct one for the spring time. Another very important thing that you have to take care of is inspecting your lawn. You have to look at any dead patches that could be the result of white grubs.

The damage they do to your grass usually only shows up in the springtime. If you find it soon enough, you can avoid the huge damage that can follow. Of course, watering is always necessary. However, if you live in an area where there have been lots of rains or snow, that you should limit the amount of water you provide.

Of course, weeding is a given. You do not have to use any chemical fertilizers to kill these off. And, the more you maintain them, the less weeds you will get growing in your lawn. Of course, you can always turn to manual tools which can really help you remove all these weeds. Depending on the kind you have growing, you won’t have to break your back by bending over. Basically, you can stand up, push the tool in to the ground at the area where the weeds are, and simply removing them. It is as simple as that!