When a homeowner has a front and back green space, they may call on a professional company to help take care of their lawn needs. The 5 most important lawn care activities you need to do in autumn will be well known to a lawn care service. They may have a service pamphlet that may state what to do in different seasons. Many people take care of their grass in the fall, in the hopes that the following spring it will look green and amazing.

When the hot summer is finished it may be time to provide aeration to a green space. This involves a machine that pokes holes in the ground and takes out some of the earth. It has a great way to helping the grass by exposing the roots to the oxygen that it needs. It also allows the rainwater to get into the roots and help to prepare it for a long and dormant winter.

The next step in lawn care services may be to fertilize the roots and grass. A special machine can evenly distribute fertilizer around the grass and allow some of it to seep into the holes. The special blend of important nutrients and other agents will help the grass grow strong and give it the vitamins that it may need to thrive and grow thick.

Grass seed is also typically put down in the fall time. There are different kinds of seed blends and each will have a unique purpose. Some seed is geared for shady lawns while other products may be aimed at sunny lawns. There may also be seed blends and various agents that may be part of the package.

The price of seed will vary and could be based on a few factors. The brand name of the seed, the type of products that are found in the bag as well as the size may influence the price tag offered. Some seed will offer a rich blend of a certain grass, while other bags may offer a mix of ingredients and seed blends.

Some people will do some edging when the summer has ended. Edging may involve taking a spade and going around the lawn with it. The spade is dug into the ground to provide sharp corners around the lining of the green space. It can make the landscaping look more attractive and help the grass to stay where it is supposed to.

Placing some lawn soil down over the grass may help it to grow stronger. Some people will toss some soil over the grass and then sprinkle on the grass seed. The soil may have various properties associated with it that make each bag different from each other.

The 5 most important lawn care activities you need to do in autumn may begin with some general maintenance. There are some basic things that homeowners can do and professional companies can take care of. Packages may be offered that may contain all the right services that are needed. The price of the package may reflect the frequency of each service and the amount of options offered.