5 reasons Why great Lawn Care and landscaping improves the Value your Property must be seen in the light of what is meant by the words, ‘value of property’. This phrase may be taken in two ways. A cottage and its neat garden standing between two skyscrapers in a highly developed area symbolize one kind of worth. The emotional and psychological significance of the property for its owner has led him to turn down numerous lucrative offers from hungry property developers. No amount of money can buy that sort of emotional satisfaction that is derived from owning a pleasing nest.

Another kind of worth is financial. Since private ownership of property became an accepted investment class, it has proved itself to be lucrative. Not only do property prices surge in good times, but they decline less in bad times. The landed gentry are wealthy, even when they wear old shoes and hand knitted jerseys.

The visual appearance of any property must improves its price. A neatly painted and clean building will obviously be worth more to both seller and buyer than a ramshackle structure with drab colors and weary stains down its walls. However, a building that is surrounded by cleverly landscaped contours and green lawns will improve in price, irrespective of the state of the building.

Grass and plants attract birds and mute harsh city sounds. Standing on a lawn, surrounded by banks of shrubs a prospective buyer might hardly hear engines grinding, and the metallic clinks of moving machines. The owner himself might value his property more highly because he awakes every morning to the sound of birdsong, and is stirred to his primal depths by these natural sounds.

A lawn adds tactile significance to a place. The owner may slip off his shoes occasionally and revel in the feel of grass beneath his naked feet. Tasteful water features and benches can contribute experiences of coolness, warmth and texture. These all enhance the worth of the place, both personally and financially.

In urban areas offensive smells of rotting things, or of fetid waste products offend. An expanse of grass, and appropriately placed banks of shrubs can do much to mask such smells, so improving the quality of air that surrounds a property, and adding immeasurably to its value.

Pleasant surrounds invite us to take breakfast or barbecue outside, where eating good food is accompanied by other sensual experiences. A well cared for lawn invites leisure, whether it be in relaxing on the grass by a pool with a book, or throwing a ball about in the space provided, with the softness of grass underfoot.

The 5 reasons why great lawn care and landscaping improves the value of your property are derived from the deep primal instincts for territory that exist within us. By enhancing the sensual experiences associated with properties subtle landscaping and lawn maintenance improve the value of property. However, hasty mowing every so often does not pass as lawn care. Lawns must be nurtured and trimmed so that a healthy sward is created. Similarly, distasteful landscaping that is either overdone or underdone can fail to take advantage of the natural qualities of a property. It is important to obtain the services of a landscaper who provides an effective, though unobtrusive, service.