After a day of hiking people will look about for a place to set up camp. They may walk for an extra hour before finally settling on a spot. Despite any stated reason such as water and aspect, what they may be really looking for, unconsciously, is a pleasing landscape. This instinctive need to find a satisfactory spot is behind the 5 reasons why fantastic landscaping and lawn care improves rentals for apartment complexes.

Landscaping is the work of beautifying surroundings to please people. The golden age of landscaping was two centuries ago when the owners of English estates employed famous landscapers like Capability Brown to beautify their grounds. The Duke of Buckingham is said to have ruined the family fortunes by spending huge amounts on landscaping in an effort impress Queen Victoria. The Queen was impressed, although her visit lasted for only ten minutes. The landscape exists still.

Lawns are essential in landscaping because they create space, enabling people to stand back and admire features and displays. Even in a cottage garden a few square feet of lawn is required because space is needed for people to admire the flowers. In a larger space the lawn will provide a gracious contour, setting off trees, ponds or buildings.

First impressions are extremely important when tenants and visitors approach an apartment complex. A spacious lawn and gracious contours will impress a visitor even though he may not realize why he feels elated. An initial response of pleasure and ease will form the emotional backdrop against which other immediate observations and decisions will be made.

The visual impressions of a place will soon be followed by other sensations. As King Duncan remarked: This castle has a pleasant seat. The air sweetly and nimbly recommends itself unto our senses. Trees and grass allow air to circulate and cool, so improving its quality. The circulation of air through plants not only cools it down, but also extracts carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Unconsciously visitors will feel better because they will be breathing air that has been purified. The atmosphere around a landscaped complex will literally be healthy.

Although architectural features and buildings themselves may be beautiful, the full aesthetic effect of apartment complexes is a result of the whole view of the buildings in their setting. A landscaper deliberately sets out to create beauty. There can be little doubt that the effort to create beauty will improve apartment complexes whether it be through the eyes of those who like to be on the outside looking in, or those who prefer to be on the inside looking out.

Since ancient times the notion of a sense of place has existed. Whether it be a school campus, a church, a mountain or an apartment complex, a place has history, emotions ideas and feelings associated with it. Some places are so special that they are declared World Heritage sites, but an ordinary apartment complex will also have a sense of place and be special, or beautiful, or happy for its inhabitants. The landscaping and lawns are very important in helping to create the sense of place for a complex.

The last of the 5 reasons why fantastic landscaping and lawn care improves rentals for apartment complexes is quite simply economic. If apartments are impressive, healthy, set in beautiful surrounds and of special significance to their inhabitants they will also attract higher rentals, and be worth more money. When all is said and done landscaping and lawns around an apartment complex are a very good investment.